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Starting a design system in a start-up

Ruiwen Tay

Ruiwen Tay

Saturday, 7 March, 2020

Starting a design system in a start-up

Ruiwen Tay writes about her practical experience of building a design system in 8 steps:

Starting a design system in a start-up can be quite challenging and Ruiwen has articulated well in her article to provide some good insights with references for further readings.

Highlights of the article: She and her team clearly defines design system - a repository of reusable components with clear usage guidelines, shared among designers and developers.

Ruiwen describes her journey through 8 steps as follows:

1. Audit existing components 2. Research on other design systems 3. List out components 4. Plan a timeline 5. Research and discuss components 6. Create design symbols 7. “Design” design system 8. Implement design system

She rightfully comments that "Building a design system is a never-ending challenge as they continue to update and adapt it in order to better suit their organisational needs.

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Read the full article below:

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