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Dark Pattern - Bait and Switch

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Dark Pattern Photo by Cliqz
Dark Pattern Photo by Cliqz

Dark Patterns are tricks used in websites and apps that make you do things that you didn’t mean to, like buying or signing up for something.- coined by Harry Brignull @darkpatterns

This is article highlights one of the many types of dark pattern named "Bait and Switch" that occurs when a user sets out to do one thing, but a different, undesirable thing happens instead.

Minimal prices are shown on initial load of search results against each dates. The information change drastically to higher price range as user tabs through the dates. This is one of the best examples of “bait and switch” where a user experiences huge amount of price fluctuations leading to reduced amount of trust towards the brand. It sends out a strong message to the users that company completely disregards the value of time and effort of their users or customers.

As a designer, we have a great responsibility while taking these critical decisions which could lead us to the dark side. The designers are advocates of the users, building wonderful experiences by applying ethics by design.

A great experience is created when the designer strikes a right balance of priorities between users, business and technology. Unfortunately, business decisions were weighed more than other factors here.

Photo by Alex Gostev
Photo by Alex Gostev

Check out the walkthrough video below for dark pattern in action:

For more clarity:

You can see that the prices for 09 Sunday is Rs. 10995 and 10 Monday is Rs. 2789 along with 11 Tuesday is Rs. 2659.

After user tabs 10 Monday, the price immediately updates to Rs. 11329.

Hope you like it. Thank you for reading and viewing the walkthrough video.

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