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UX/UI Design: Creating A Design System [Webinar Review]

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Thinkful conducted a webinar which is one of their most popular events and take your first steps in creating a design system — a key skill for UX/UI Design professionals everywhere. This webinar can be recommended for non-designers and new designers interested in understanding the value of design system in their work.

“It’s a fan!” says one blind man, feeling the wind off the elephant’s ears. “No, it’s definitely a rope,” says another, feeling the slender length of the elephant’s tail. “You’re all mistaken,” says yet another near the tusk, “This is definitely a spear…”
Creating Design System

The webinar included some of the information related to the:

  • Introduction to Design System

  • Notable Real-World Design Systems

  • Figma Tips and Best Practices

  • Creating Our Own System

The session covered a very basic introduction of the design system and value of building design system while designing any digital product.

"A design system is a complete set of standards intended to manage design at scale using reusable components and patterns" - NNGroup

The design system is also called a single source of truth because "A design system is a collection of repeatable, reusable components and guidelines that explains how to use each of those components".

The session covers the basics of atomic design which uses science as analogy to understand a design system. It begins with abstract to concrete from atoms, molecules, organisms, templates to pages. This concept was popularised by Brad Frost, who was known for one of the more famous descriptions of how a design

system works.

The presenter also talks about various design systems across the web and points towards Design System Repo.

Basic skeleton structure is created by the presenter in the session by using Figma as prototyping tool along with applied examples. The presenter creates and provides example which includes colour, typography, buttons, logos, modals, forms, icons and about the Figma plugins for efficient output.

What to look for:

It was a good session for beginners or non-designers to attend. You can find the presentation file below.

What not to look for:

The attendee's will not get the in-depth knowledge of design system at the Intermediate or Expert level.


This presentation document was shared in the end of the session and all rights are with the respective owners. Have a look at the detailed document by Thinkful - UXUI Design Creating a Design System.


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