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What is UX Design?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

This is a video about understanding the basic concept about user experience design, by Jose and Chris. They explain what UX Design is by working on the redesign of The Skool's website.

User Experience Design (UXD) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and a product or service.

If you've ever been curious about UX or want to see Jose do "his UX thing" this is an episode to watch. You'll also see how we design more effective landing pages by thinking about what our "users" challenges/pain points are, and then addressing them through messaging.

You should always consider...

Who the Customer is.

What their challenges are.

How can YOU solve them?

...and confront possible user objections and questions such as...

"Is this for me?"

"Does it work?"

"What is it exactly?"

Video length is 34 minutes and 39 second.

Happy Watching!

Annotations by Hunter Hemingway

1:00​ What is User Experience Design

1:54​ User Experience Wheel

3:15​ Defining the Goal of the Redesign

4:25​ Defining User Personas #1

6:03​ Defining User Challenges #1

7:29​ Defining Solutions #1

10:30​ Defining User Personas #2

11:00​ Defining Challenges #2

12:52​ User Experience Questions

13:08​ Defining Solutions #2

13:50​ Awareness of Sharpie & Size ;)

14:08​ Choosing/Prioritizing Your Personas

15:08​ Choosing Most Important Challenges to Tackle

16:10​ Choosing Solutions in Tandem with Challenges

18:20​ Format & Translation to Screen

19:12​ Team Designing Format

20:06​ Defining Objections

20:15​ Sales Process Layout

22:20​ Headline/Attention/Copywriting Tip

22:53​ Answering For Me?/Challenges

24:52​ Answering Does it Work?

26:20​ Answering What is it?

27:44​ Team Designing Format Layout**

29:38​ Translating Core with Empathy for the User

31:50​ Product Architecture

32:40​ Creativity with Existing Functionality & Formatting

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